Ninneko Reached the Top 3 on the App Store in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil

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Ninneko’s big update has gone over with a bang with impressive numbers that made the $NINO’s price rise dramatically since the day the update was announced.

While other games struggle with how to sustain their product, Ninneko has taken a risk by switching to GameFi 2.0 in response to customer expectations. As a result of this planning and ambition, Ninneko released the updated NFT and the Free to Play version on July 25.

After launching the Big update version, Ninneko continuously got many achievements after days of trying to finish the quality product. Most notably, after only 24 hours of update, Ninneko has climbed to the Top 3 iOS stores of the 3 harsh markets, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil, completely surpassing other products with great IP in the chart.

Top Chart of Free Apps Games on App Store (from left to right: Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines)

The number of Ninneko gamers has likewise increased by 100% since the game’s update. Due to the fact that many traditional consumers in this update have wanted to try the product for a while but are still wary of “GameFi,” wary of the initial outlay. In the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil in particular, the number of traditional players surged significantly as soon as Free2Play was upgraded, placing the Ninneko app in the top 3 of the iOS Store in these nations.

The most notable ones are trade volume and price indicators. According to the extracted data excluding Poocoin, the NINO price surged by more than 30% in the 24 hours following the Big Update’s publication.

A source claims that when they heard that Ninneko had a Big Update, KOLs with authority and reputations in the crypto space including Colin Digits, Encrypto’d, Pera University, and UP NEXT CRYPTO actively reached out to them. In addition, BSC Daily, the most esteemed and respected newspaper in Crypto, tweeted its congratulations for the product, and BSC News also wrote an article celebrating the achievement of this significant update.

Additionally, partnerships like Coinlab, Launchzone, Xantus, Barmy, Icetea Labs, or representatives of Venture highlighted that this moment is a positive signal for Ninneko to overcome this catastrophe because the market downturn is not minor and GameFi is going through the most challenging time.

Stay tuned for Ninneko’s upcoming events here.

About Ninneko

Ninneko is a p2e game featuring NFT characters in forests and mystery villages. The NFT characters (cats) have a unique combination of hair, tail, ears, eyes, mouth, and hands. The BSC-based role-playing game involves nurturing the cat character Ninneko and fighting enemies in the player versus player or player versus enemy battles.

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