John McAfee Partner Fined by the SEC For ICO and Pump and Dump Scams

The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced a judgment against an associate of the late John McAfee for participating in an alleged initial coin offering (ICO) scam.

The top financial watchdog argued that Watson had assisted John McAfee by working on the promotion deals with various ICO issuers.
He also allegedly helped McAfee to cash out some of the cryptocurrency payments that they received.
The final judgment against Watson bans him from buying, selling, or even offering digital assets in any professional capacity while also slamming a total financial penalty upwards of $375K.
However, he can still buy or sell crypto on his personal behalf and with his personal accounts.
The SEC also went on to accuse Watson and McAfee of promoting and taking part in various pump and dump schemes while accumulating massive positions and then promoting it on Twitter to the millions of followers that the antivirus tycoon had.

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