Haru Invest: Earning Interest on Crypto Assets Through CeFi

Crypto assets are fast becoming a viable investment vehicle and a means of payment for millions worldwide. Not only are crypto transactions faster, cheaper, and more seamless, but the asset class offers investors active and passive income opportunities.

While complex digital asset investment strategies like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining momentum, several centralized finance (CeFi) platforms allow investors to earn passive income by simply holding crypto assets.

Haru Invest is one such platform that offers investors competitive interest rates on their crypto assets.

What is Haru Invest

Haru Invest is a CeFi digital asset investment platform that allows investors to maximize their crypto assets and earn passive income through various secure and simple investment strategies.

Founded in South Korea in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, Haru Invest is on a mission to offer everyone an opportunity to achieve financial freedom. The company is committed to educating and guiding crypto owners from all experience levels to achieve stable and profitable digital asset investment goals.

The platform builds digital investment products that appeal to its diverse users from over 140 countries around the world and enables them to securely participate in the crypto market. Unlike other CeFi platforms that lend crypto assets to generate returns, Haru Invest uses high-frequency algorithmic trading. Its in-house trading team focuses on risk-averse strategies, aiming to exploit the gaps and inefficiencies between crypto spot/derivatives exchanges.

Haru Invest offers users competitive interest rates using a unique business model that allows it to generate profit for clients using sophisticated asset management techniques. Investors can earn interest on crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Investment Strategies on Haru Invest

Haru provides investors with multiple earning opportunities depending on their risk appetite and investment preferences. The platform currently has the following investment strategies:

Haru Earn

The Haru Earn option allows users to profit from their crypto holdings. The platform invests the assets with minimized risk trading.

Haru Invest uses different trading strategies to ensure that users get annual percentage yields (APYs) higher than what is obtainable elsewhere.

Some of these strategies include arbitrage trading that takes advantage of the BTC and ETH price gap between crypto exchanges, spread trading that focuses on the volatility of BTC and ETH futures contracts, and a market neutral strategy that focuses on the price stability mechanism at futures exchanges.

Haru Earn has two sections – Haru Earn Plus and Haru Earn Explore. The Plus option allows investors to earn up fixed yields, depending on how long they wish to lock up their crypto assets, typically between 15 to 365 days.

On the other hand, the Explore option is the more lucrative plan with the highest interest rates. Earn Explore is a performance-based return product (vs. fixed return rate for Earn Plus), and it has different strategies for BTC, ETH, and USDT, with various target rates. The minimum lockup period for each strategy is a month for USDT and three months for BTC and ETH.

Haru Freeze

The Haru Freeze is connected to Earn Plus. If investors’ funds are in the Earn Plus lockup period, they can place their litigation price on the Freeze marketplace, where someone else can buy them. The Earn Plus products are turned into a collectible called Frost.

The Freeze option allows users to buy crypto at a discount while earning interest on their purchased crypto assets.

Haru Switch

The Haru Switch feature is the platform’s version of swapping, where users can profit from liquidity pools. The Switch is a community-driven pool where users contribute their crypto assets to the pool and get earnings from transactions as swaps happen.

This strategy allows investors of all experience levels – experts and beginners – to benefit from the market.

Haru Invest Features

The platform provides users with several features to make their investing experience seamless.


Haru Invest is conscious of the safety of investors’ funds. Hence, it has put several measures in place to ensure that users’ assets are safe at all times, including partnering with crypto custody firm BitGo.

Haru Invest also has a robust KYC/AML process that ensures the identity of users is adequately verified. The platform also stresses the importance of two-factor authentication to maintain the safety of assets.

Professional Customer Support

The Haru Invest platform has a professional customer support system that caters to users’ needs. The platform has a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQs) page that answers customers’ questions.

For more specific concerns, the platform has a live chat option, and users can also contact the team via their support email or various social media handles.

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