Cradles: The First Subscription-Based Blockchain Game

Blockchain technology is disrupting many industries, and the gaming sector is no exception. The tech is rapidly transforming how online games are played, introducing a new method of asset ownership and earning opportunities.

While blockchain games have garnered interest recently, they still have some limitations that make them inaccessible to average users. For one thing, most popular blockchain-based games require massive capital to purchase avatars and in-game assets.

Interestingly, DRepublic has launched a new game that seeks to usher in a new wave of innovation in the blockchain gaming sector, allowing players to enjoy new experiences and enabling broader earning opportunities. The major limitation of many blockchain games – the high cost of entry required due to NFT purchases, for example – is also eliminated in Cradles, with all NFTs in-game free to collect, harvest, and construct. Instead, it will give users access through subscriptions, much like the World of Warcraft model.

What is Cradles

Cradles: Origin of Species is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the blockchain that utilizes the power of AI and game engine advancement to provide better gameplay. Uniquely, it is one of the few developers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain technology – in particular, the use of a new type of NFT protocol that will allow for far more advanced gameplay aspects beyond the static NFT collectible utility that all games to date employ.

Metaverse company DRepublic created Cradles to provide gamers with experiences never before seen in the gaming industry. The game offers players ample freedom while allowing them to earn passive income in several ways.

The platform allows gamers to experience a virtual world with a breathing economy dependent on players’ interactions.

How Does it Work?

Cradles is set in a prehistoric virtual world where players decide what happens in the ecosystem as time passes. The game has an entropy system, which provides a realistic aging effect. The entropy system is made possible via a newly proposed token standard dubbed the EIP-3664 protocol. The protocol, which was proposed by DRepublic, will add a time attribute to all in-game assets that can be collected during gameplay.

Everything ages in the Cradles ecosystem; some things signify a gradual loss of value over time, and others represent an addition of beneficial traits.

Even the buildings decay, and the environment requires constant upkeep. It is the players’ responsibility to take care of their environment; failing to do this would result in the collapse of their world over time.

The Cradles world is divided into two distinct areas: the Main City and the Adventure Zone. The Main City is where players are protected from the wild elements that abound in the ecosystem. There are seven different cities in the Cradles ecosystem.

The Adventure Zone, on the other hand, features several extinct creatures. Here, players can observe the unique characteristics of these prehistoric species.

They can also explore the environment and create new experiences, discovering scarce resources, hunting beasts, engaging with other players in combat, and obtaining supplies. Players earn token rewards by touring the main cities or exploring the adventure zone.

Features of Cradles

Subscription-based Access

Users do not need to purchase expensive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to access the Cradles metaverse. Cradles is the first subscription-based blockchain game that allows players to buy a monthly game card for access.

Zero Transaction Fees

The Cradles ecosystem encourages a fully decentralized item supply among users. In the game, players use the materials obtained during gameplay to create their own NFTs to trade with and sell to other gamers.

These transactions between players attract zero fees. However, the platform charges a small fee for transactions involving valuable items.

Staking into NFTs (SIN) Mechanism

Cradles has introduced a new Staking into NFTs (SIN) mechanism that allows players to stake tokens into their NFTs to earn more in-game tokens and larger rewards in the game. Game streamers can also encourage their audience to SIN on their behalf, providing them with extra power, and an edge in the game.


The native utility token of the Cradles game is an ERC-20 token tentatively called CRDS. It will be used to purchase tickets for the Cradles game and other subsequent game launches by the game developer, DRepublic. It can also be used to make NFT purchases. Token holders can choose to stake or add liquidity to the platform to earn passive income.

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