Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork Delayed Again

Cardano’s much-anticipated Vasil hard fork has been pushed to a few more weeks. The team is yet to specify a timeline.

In a monthly update, Kevin Hammon, Technical Manager of Input Output Global (IOG), said the devs are fixing, testing thoroughly, and not rushing to ensure no significant issues are left out as the network heads for the upgrade.

“The team is working very hard to deliver the benefits of Vasil hard fork to the community. The good news is that this week we have just had a new 1.35.2 release that fixes issues that stake pool operators, DApp developers, internal testing and others have identified. The goal is that it will flush out any issues as we go to the Vasil hard fork.”

Hammond also mentioned that the final testing and benchmarking are currently underway, and 1.35.2 will be released on testnet only.
IOG’s Vice President of Community & Ecosystem, Tim Harrison, believes the delay will ensure that API developers and exchanges are ready to progress through Vasil.
In terms of exchanges, the devs are targeting 80% integration by liquidity. For stake pool operators (SPOs), the devs need at least 75% updated to the final version of the node.
The Vasil upgrade essentially aims to ramp up performance and capability enhancements to Cardano and is touted as the most significant network upgrade since the deployment of staking via Shelley.
The node team released the brand new Cardano node version 1.35.0, which essentially serves as a foundation for Vasil.
IOG previously said that the expected timeline for Vasil’s mainnet deployment will be in the last week of July.

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