Anonymous User Bids 1 Million USDC on ‘amazon.eth’ ENS Domain

An OpenSea user has placed a bid for 1,000,000 USDC on the ENS name of ‘amazon.eth’. The offer is set to expire on Tuesday at 15:00 EST.

According to the listing page, previous offers to purchase the name were for only a few thousand dollars each. For example, the two next most recent offers were for 4 WETH ($6000) and 6200 USDC each.
The name’s current owner – 4761BF – initially bought the domain for 33 ETH in February of 2022. He owns 57 other OpenSea items primarily from the Dice collection – randomized and weighted dice rolls stored on-chain.
He also possesses one other ENS name in ‘fortnite.eth’ – named after the popular battle royale shooter from Epic Games.
Meanwhile, the individual making the offer owns about 20 ENS names. Multiple are related to Amazon, including one called ‘jefferyjefferybezos.eth’.
The amazon.eth name was created on August 2nd of 2017 and expires on October 16th of 2036. It was first registered on February 7th of 2020.
Ethereum Name Service (ENS) provides human-readable names to different aspects of the web 3 world. These commonly include blockchain addresses, but can also pertain to  IPFS hashes, or website URLs.
Like NFTs, ENS names can be bought and sold on secondary markets, and are often used by crypto users as part of their social media profiles.
The largest purchase for an ENS name thus far was for ‘paradigm.eth’, purchased for 420 ETH last year – about $1.5 million at the time.
Earlier this month, the second largest purchase in history took place, with one buyer spending 300 ETH on ‘000.eth’.

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