31% of Cardano SPO Nodes Have Upgraded to v1.35.3

A reported 31% of Cardano’s staking pool operator (SPO) nodes are now running the protocol’s latest software. The update fixes a critical bug found in Cardano’s previous implementation, which raised questions about whether the network’s upcoming Vasil hard fork should be postponed. 

According to data from PoolTool, about 55% of nodes are still operating on v1.34.1. To be ready for the upgrade to Vasil, 75% of SPO nodes must be on the newest version.
“This is again umpteenth positive update that comes with significant improvements,” said FLOWR – a Cardano staking pool – in a tweet on Monday. “The node works stably and uses less hardware resources.”
Other pools including PRIDE pool and Cardano Blockhouse have also confirmed a transition to the new version. “We are ready for Vasil” stated the latter. 
Vasil is part of Cardano’s third development epoch, and is set to improve the blockchain’s usability and scalability. The upgrade was originally slated for June, but has been slapped with multiple delays since. 
Version 1.35.3 was created to fix a crucial bug found in v1.35.2, which was supposed to be the version that SPOs used before the Vasil fork. 
Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson assured the community on Friday that the new version has already been tested for months. Therefore, he believes additional testing will only cause delays to Vasil, and hurt DApp developers. 
Hoskinson withdrew some of his harsher words the following day and apologized to the staking pool community. He added that the lack of community-based organization within Cardano is being addressed.

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